Public Clocks - Repair and Maintenance
When public clocks stop or show the wrong time for a while they become an irritation to those who rely on them. It is important to have clocks repaired as soon as possible.

Our service engineers are on hand to attend to your call, any time you have a problem. In our service team are personnel qualified in the use of bosun's chair should you require any outside repair to dials and hands.

In order to minimise the possibility of breakdowns and to provide systematic maintenance, we can undertake service visits on an annual basis.

Restoration of Public and Steeple clocks

The ravages of time and pollution will eventually make even the most attractive of clocks look old and haggard. Fortunately, it is almost always possible to turn them to their former glory and give them many more years of active life.

Public Clock Mechanisms and Dialworks

Our skilled craftsmen restore the clock mechanisms and dialworks, repairing or replacing worn-out parts. All parts are stripped and bead blasted to bare metal; all steel/iron is primed and repainted; all brass is polished and lacquered. All are restored and retuned to pristine condition.

Dials for Public and Steeple clocks

We restore or replace all sizes and types of dial either on site or in our workshop. On site our skilled craftsmen reglaze skeleton dials - chipping out old glass or prespex; repairing damaged metal frameworks; and reglazing. In the workshop our clockmakers manufacture skeleton, copper and GRP dials; Numerals are marked out and gilded in gold leaf for clear and long lasting appearance.
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